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Hi Gene! I would like to introduce myself. I’m Gilberto Mineiro, journalist, musical researcher and broadcaster in São Luís (an island in the northeast of Brazil which was founded by the French and later colonized by the Portugueses), where I produce and present a show radio called “Company of Music” about (Bossa Nova, jazz, new music, modern music, acid jazz, classical music, new age, progressive, blues, Brazilian Music, World Music, Ethnic Music and much more), in the university FM radio, and I write about the artists who send me their CDs and press releases in local newspapers in radio show. It would be a pleasure to me to be able to spread your work to my area audience. All I need is press kit with CD.
Thank you very much for the attention and interest. I will be waiting for your news.


Send to Gilberto Mineiro

My address is: Rua Santa Rita, 664 – centro, Sao Luís – Maranhao

cep-65015-430. Brazil

Ps to hear my show radio at the university radio called “Company of the Music”, go to the site: http://www.universidadefm.ufma.br / every Thursday, 8 pm, Brazilian schedule

Visit my link “Música em Companhia”: http://www.elo.com.br (click on “Columns” after choose “Música em Cia”) It’s my words.